Monday, 18 February 2008

Rules and Instructions

This post serves two purposes. The first is self-evident. Certain types of posts are welcome, certain types are not. Flame-wars are fun, no doubt. But after a point one tends to outgrow them, at least pointless ones. Rambling, slipshod or perfunctory posts are not welcome either.

Secondly, every publication aims for a degree of formal consistency. Format-related factors such as headings, sub-headings, and the use of bold and italics, should ideally remain constant across articles. Moreover, this blog uses javascript widgets to enhance reading ease; these have their own format requirements. So the second purpose of this post is to acquaint contributors with these details.

The blog rules derive largely from the comm rules, with some modifications:
  1. The blog is not a forum for the mere expression of opinion. That's what the comm is meant for. Here we seek longer, more in-depth posts.
  2. Please take care to not to write slipshod English. Chatroom and SMS languages are a no-no.
  3. Do not use this blog for self-aggrandisement, or posting links to sound files, unless otherwise relevant to, say, your post, or some ongoing discussion and so on.
  4. Please refrain from making personal attacks. Communal, racist and casteist remarks will not be tolerated.
  5. You are requested to be moderate in your tone. Please do not use foul language unless it becomes absolutely necessary.
  6. Moderators reserve the right to reject, edit or delete posts.
  7. Contributors are requested to follow the instructions set out below.

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