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There are so many interesting music-related resources on the net that if even a selection were to be added to the sidebar like a conventional blogroll, the blog itself would look stunted in comparison. And yet we feel easy access to these resources is important. So here we resort to a natural compromise - we collate the links, classify them into separate categories, and then add them to a dedicated post on resource. This page is intended to be updated regularly.

(NB: By and large, links within each category have been listed in alphabetical order)

Aneesh Pradhan's Blog
Deepak Raja's World of Hindustani Music
Qaul:Qawwali & Indian Classical Music
Running Gamak: Warren Senders's Blog
Shabda Baan: Shubha Mudgal's Blog

Discussion Forums:
"Debating Shastriya Sangeet" - Our Comm on Orkut
RMIC on Google Groups
Chandrakantha Forums

Notable Articles:
Zaheer Abbas, "Savior of Rudra Veena: Pandit Rajshekhar Vyas"
Partha Chatterjee, "The Last of the Titans" (Obituary: Ali Akbar Khan)
Arunabha Deb, "What is it about this Place?" (Music in Dharwad)
Arunabha Deb, "A Stick Full of Music" (Pannalal Ghosh)
Anil Dharker, "Discordant Notes?" (Largely about patronage and nepotism)
Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer, "Music Then and Now"
Uday Krishnakumar, "Understanding Tyagaraja"
V N Mavin Kurve, "An Ustad's Legacy" (Bade Ghulam Ali Khan)
Arindam Mukherjee, Dola Mitra, "Avarohan" (Calcutta's noted instrument-makers on the decline)
Anjana Rajan, "The Force behind Dhrupad’s Revival" (Obituary: Zia Fariduddin Dagar)
R Ramachandran, "A Legend is Born" (Obituary: Allah Rakha)
Gowri Ramnarayan, "A Gentle Musician" (Obituary: Mysore Doreswamy Iyengar)
Samanth Subramanian, "The Shehnai's Fading Lilt"

Reference Resources:
Rajan Parrikar's articles on SAWF
Rajeev Patke's 78 RPM Discographies
Yousuf Saeed's Pages on Amir Khusrau
Karl-Michael Schneider's HMV India Listing
Seattle Indian Music Academy
Shadja Madhyam
Toronto Gharana

Anthems for the Nation of Luobaniya (mostly digitised HCM LPs, also music from other parts of the world)
Flat, Black, and Classical (mostly out-of-print LPs and cassettes)
Henry's Archive (mostly commercial releases, some unreleased stuff as well)
Indian Classical Music on Vinyl LP (self-explanatory)
Juma's Music Collection (rare commercial stuff from Pakistan, also lots of ghazals, qawwali etc)
Oriental Traditional Music from LPs & Cassettes (contains some unpublished tracks also)
Patrick Moutal's Pages - Audio, Video (lots of 78s, mostly lo-res)
Raga Blog (commercial releases, including some hard-to-find stuff)
Sangeethapriya (vast CCM collection, some HCM) (huge collection, mostly lo-res)

Performers' Homepages and Tribute Pages: (interesting ones only)

D V Paluskar: A Tribute
Kumar Gandharva Home Page (Sunil Mukhi)
Toronto Gharana Amir Khan Memorial Page
Ustad Amir Khan (S Jayasrinivasa Rao)

Sudhindra Bhaumik
Arnab Chakrabarty
Gundecha Bandhu
Ulhas Kashalkar
Arijit Mahalanabis
Nachiketa Sharma

Commercial Ventures: (interesting ones only)
Sudeep Audio
Underscore Records

Miscellaneous: (not directly linked to music)
FoodScapes from Below - offbeat food and travel
Lalita Larking
Bahadur Shah Zafar - resources on the emperor

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